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Reclaimed Timber Trusses


Reclaimed wood is any wood that was harvested a long time ago and never milled, or used for something else and then re-used. For example, harvested yet un-milled wood can be "sinker" timbers, logs that sank to the bottom of a river or lake during transport and then recovered years later. Reclaimed wood can also include "blow stack" or other wood from natural disasters.

Reclaimed wood can be made into quality timber trusses and other products such as flooring and beams. The re-manufacturing process itself may differ depending on the condition of the wood.

GULF COAST TREATED manufactures custom timber trusses made from reclaimed wood. We will create the reclaimed wood trusses you need based on the unique specifications of your project. Reclaimed wood is available in a variety of timber species. To find out how reclaimed timber trusses can work for you, call us at 877-302-8911 or contact us online. To get started, download the helpful timber truss project form.


Timber trusses are commonly made of these types of reclaimed timbers:
  • Pine
  • Cypress
  • Oak
  • Fir

Other species may be available. We work with a large network of reclaimed timber suppliers and mills nationwide to provide reclaimed timbers for custom timber trusses.


If you have timber as part of an existing structure that has sentimental or historical significance for you, we can use those timbers to create timber trusses, corbels, or other unique custom products.


To order custom reclaimed wood timber trusses, call us at 877-302-8911 or contact us online. One of our professional and experienced project consultants will discuss the details of your project and create a quote of you. Learn more about structural timber truss options and download the helpful timber truss project form to get started.